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Curious & passionate, young pastry chef Gabrielle fell into a pot of chocolate around the age of 8.


Back then, greedy, she loved to prepare her famous "quatre-quart" both to treat her family and to devore her favorite cake, preferably completely raw.


Delving through books & magazines, Gabrielle researched, inquired, experimented, tried, and literally spent all her time in the kitchen. After graduating from high school, she spent a year studying at university, but quickly realized it was not for her. In 2002, Gabrielle turned towards what she always loved: BAKING !  


Four beautiful years later, after remarkable achievements at the cooking school, she chose to focus on pastry culinary arts and won the title of French Champion of Dessert in 2006. It was apparent that Gabrielle would be a pastry chef.


She trained with some of the most prestigious French chefs such as Marc Veyrat & Georges Blanc and worked at the Ritz in Paris as well as La Messardière in Saint Tropez.


In the years that followed, Gabrielle travelled the world to acquire more experience and broden her circle of contacts. She travelled in 2008 and 2009 to NYC, The Hamptons, Saint-Marteen.


In 2010, Gabrielle established her first food consulting company in Paris and until 2013 put her expertise at the service of cooking workshops training both adults & children,  advised restaurants and other culinary establishments. 


Gabrielle is now settled in Berlin! She has launched her company, Jones Ice Cream, to create the products she loves the best: Ice cream & Cookies.

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